Ask a Hospital for Financial Aid If You Can’t Pay the Bill

Hospital bills, even with insurance, can devastate your budget. While you might be able to negotiate your bill , also check into your hospital’s financial aid program to reduce your payments.

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Surprise return on ‘House of Cards’ provides one of Season 3’s most affecting moments



Warning: This post discusses in detail episodes 8 and 9 (Chapters 34 and 35) from House of Cards Season 3. Read with caution. You can find coverage of other episodes, here.

Frank’s worst nightmare has come true: A hurricane barrels toward the United States just month after he pulled all of FEMA’s resources to (potentially illegally) fund a DC version of America Works.

While he prays—perhaps hopes is a better word, since Frank isn’t doing much praying these days — the storm will turn or dissipate, Congressional leadership seems downright thrilled at the opportunity to politically destroy AmWorks Read more…

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