Cersei got what was coming to her on ‘Game of Thrones’



Game of Thrones season 5 hasn’t been the show’s strongest — one might argue it’s been the worst by far — but at least Episode 7, “The Gift,” had a couple of fun scenes.

Unsurprisingly, the best was the moment when Cersei finally got what was coming to her as the High Sparrow played his hand. He had her dragged off to a cell that will soon have as much shit and bitterness inside it as Margaery’s, and that’s something at least.

It’s worth revisiting that scene one more time just to watch the look on her face.

But it raises a question, as well: was this the High Sparrow’s plan all along? You have to assume that Lancel Lannister told the religious leader long ago about his role in King Robert’s murder-by-wine. Read more…

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