‘Yoshi’s Wooly World’ is the cutest game you’ve ever seen



Yoshi’s Wooly World is Nintendo’s new Yoshi game and it is so cute you just want to squeeze it.

As the name implies, Yoshi’s new world is bouncy and plush like the inside of your grandma’s favorite sweater. Everything is designed to look like it’s made from yarn, including Yoshi. Nothing is more adorable than an even more cuddly Yoshi.

The game plays like a classic 2D Yoshi side-scroller, right down to the classic aiming mechanic for throwing eggs. Oh, but you don’t throw eggs, you throw yarn balls

The game comes with amiibos for purchase, too. But they’re not plastic figurines, which typically come with NFC chips used to communicate with game systems and unlock special features. Instead, Yoshi’s Wooly World amiibo are plush-toys made from yarn and will work much the same way Read more…

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