The Dell Venue 10 7000 is a fab media tablet, but it stinks for work



As much as I love playing catch up on Game of Thrones, there’s always something else to do. Another email to follow up on, another project to tackle, another story to write. And why not? I love my job! That’s why I can’t switch to a tablet. None are good enough for productivity.

It’s incredible that after seven years we still don’t have a tablet that can keep multiple apps open without suspending them. Or a mobile browser that doesn’t reload a tab every time you switch to it

Mobile apps are getting better and better; heck, I like Office on Android better than on my Mac. But the experience of having more than one app open at the same time and constantly switching between them on a tablet — I don’t care how good the app is designed, put it side by side with a PC and the difference is night and day Read more…

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